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3D Printers for Prototyping

We’ve tried lots of 3D printing machines and materials (PLA, ABS and polymer resins). And, our favorite (leading its competition by a country mile) is a nylon sintering machine.

The parts are extremely strong, hard-wearing and flexible (if grown thin). Operating costs are also very competitive. Sure, there are certain applications where you would prefer other printers, but if you are looking for a “jack of all trades”, look no further.

We priced Fortus printers in 2012. In the meantime, Fortus’ printers, maintenance and raw material costs have tripled! – we are super relieved we didn’t push the button. And, don’t waste money on a cheap 3D printer. It will disappoint. With the price at which you can pick and choose “the best machine for the job”, it makes little financial sense to invest in your own printer.