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Funding prototype package:
Includes: product design & conceptualization; 3D CAD modelling; 2 x photorealistic posters and prototyping * R15 000
Product design and conceptualization (excl. electronic components) R3 000
3D CAD modelling R3 900
Photorealistic poster (A1) R3 500
Prototyping * R5 500

* Depends on product, may require scaling.

Optional extras:
Generating environment for photorealistic poster: R3 000
Shipping To be quoted
Electronic components incorporated into prototype:
DC Motor: R1 700
Stepper motor: R2 900
Servo motor: R3 100
Solar panels: R1 700
Battery: R1 700
LED: R1 400
Simple LED screen: R2 800
Number keypad: R3 500
Button: R2 100
Laser: R2 100
Buzzer: R1 400
Touch sensor: R2 400
Distance sensor: R2 100
Sound sensor: R2 100
Temperature sensor: R2 100
Light sensor: R2 100
Magnetic field sensor: R2 200
Alcohol gas sensor: R2 200
Tilt sensor: R2 200
Flame sensor: R2 100
Force sensor: R2 400
Heart rate sensor: R3 000
Basic voice recognition: R4 000

Pricing is exclusive of vat.

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