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Product design – common mistakes

October 26, 2014

The headlong rush to product design causes many products to fail. Product design is a process. And, much groundwork should be done before committing to design for manufacture. We suggest the following: 1. conduct a patent search to determine whether your product has a new feature that may ultimately be protected. This is particularly important […]

When to patent your invention

September 12, 2013

You need only patent your invention just before releasing it to the public (i.e. disclosing your invention without confidentiality agreements). As long as you can maintain your unpatented invention secret, you are ok. All prototypers, industrial designers, engineers, potential manufacturers and funders you approach should willingly sign confidentialities. Don’t worry about patent attorneys – the […]

Raising funding for inventions

September 12, 2013

Raising funding for your invention is not easy. Yours is one of many applications funders receive. To be noticed you must stand out. A word document is simply not enough – this is the bare minimum, and everyone submits one. One of the biggest risks to funders is an inventor that is unable to drive […]

3D Printers for Prototyping

September 3, 2013

We’ve tried lots of 3D printing machines and materials (PLA, ABS and polymer resins). And, our favorite (leading its competition by a country mile) is a nylon sintering machine.

Effective Prototyping

September 3, 2013

The field between ideas and commercial products is littered with prototypes. Meet Wendy. She recently approached us with an idea for a sausage cooker.