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Effective Prototyping

The field between ideas and commercial products is littered with prototypes. Meet Wendy. She recently approached us with an idea for a sausage cooker.

The general concept was clear and we captured it in a provisional patent. Next step: prototyping. Improvement. Another patent. Second prototype … we now have 5 provisional patents (which thankfully can be consolidated into a single complete patent) and developed six ways to create the cooker. Which one works best? We won’t know until each prototype is evaluated and tested (first in plastic, then in aluminium).

The winner will be developed further – by another design firm specializing in designing for manufacture. During early stage prototyping, focus on evaluation and testing. Ignore manufacturability, aesthetic perfection, ease of assembly, packaging.

This is where we specialize – evaluating and proving ideas without frills. Does the product work? What about the alternatives? Test affordably. Then put a package together with posters and colour to excite funders or a commercial partner.